Hinged door steam sterilizer

Vertical sliding door steam sterilzer

Manual door steam sterilizer

Medical heat sealer

Pure steam generator

Accessories and Consumables



Wet Heat Sterilizer

IV Solution Water Shower Sterilizer

Fast Cooling Sterilizer

Ampoule Inspection Hot Water Sterilize

Ampoule Inspection Steam Sterilizer

Biosafety Sterilizer

Laboratory Animal Sterilizer

Water treatment engineering

Medical Waste


Integrated Sterilizer with Shredder

Centralized Medical Waste Sterilizer


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Who we are?

In 2007, Sinicmed Medical division established.Its main business is to manufacture the steam sterilizers which are used for central sterile supply department, medical heat sealers and water treatment products.

In 2008, Sinicmed Pharmaceutical division established in Zhang Jiagang.It mainly manufacture the IV solution water shower sterilizer, ampoule inspection steam sterilizer, ampoule inspection hot water sterilizer, biosafety sterilizer and etc.

In 2012, Sinicmed medial waste division established. It mainly manufacture the integrated medical waste sterilizer with shredder, centralized medical waste dispose system and incinerator.

In 2015, The water treatment machine and medical heat sealer are separate from the medical division.

In 2018, All international sales departments combined in a company from different divisions for better international marketing.

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