Project Description

Hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer

1, Description:

PS series plasma sterilizer adopts hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as sterilization agent and form plasmatic state of H2O2 by electromagnetic field under low temperature. It combines both gaseous and plasmatic H2O2 to make sterilization for the items in chamber and decomposes the residual H2O2 after sterilization.

It is widely used in CSSD or other medical institute for the sterilization of electric wire and cable, optical glasses and glass lens, power equipment and batteries, endoscopes, catheter, nonmetallic and other wet or heat sensitive instruments.

2, Features:

  • Low temperature sterilization: The sterilization temperature is 45-55℃which is much lower than steam sterilization. It is dry sterilization which has no harm on instrument and it will extends the service life of device
  • Safe and environment friendly: The matter after sterilization is water and oxygen molecule that      has no toxic harm to staff or patient. There is nothing for drainage or air exhausting. High efficient H2O2 filter is installed in the exhausting outlet to guarantee free H2O2 pollution to the environment.
  • Convenient installation: The installation needs power supply only. The sterilizer adopts man-machine control interface with intelligent program design. Foot switch is optional.
  • Double door is optional.
  • Advanced configuration: The vacuum pump, controller, pressure transmitter and key components are world famous brand.
Model PS60 PS120 PS200
Capacity 60L 120L 200L
Overall size (L*W*H) 750*900*1720mm 890*1025*1730mm 835*1080*1725mm
Sterilization mode Standard/enhanced cycle Standard/enhanced cycle Standard/enhanced cycle
Power 380V,50Hz, 3000W 380V,50Hz,4000W 380V,50Hz,4200W