Project Description

Vial Filling Production Line


  • The bottle washing machine adopts an online sampling device to verify the cleaning effect at any time. The extended horizontal bottle feeding mesh belt has a large bottle storage capacity and is convenient for docking with various platforms.
  • The oven is equipped with a thyristor pressure regulator stepless heating control system, which is adjusted through PID algorithm to ensure the heating rate of startup and the temperature stability of the sterilization process. It adopts a negative pressure sealing structure to completely solve the sealing problem of the filter.
  • The filling process adopts a newly designed plunger pump structure, which can automatically ad-just the center, increases the service life and is easy to disassemble and assemble. It adopts a di-al to put the plug on, and the suction plug head independently lifts and lowers. It has a high pass rate and reduces laminar flow wind impact.
  • The capping adopts a precise capping structure to achieve the function of no bottle or capping. Equipped with an aluminum chip vacuum collection device to ensure a Class A environment in the capping area.

Working process

Working process:

Technical parameters

The vertical ultrasonic bottle washing machine adopts the principle of rough ultrasonic cleaning first and then fine cleaning with spray needles. The fine washing process includes inserting the spray needle into the bottle for non-contact alternating flushing of three water and three gases; different cleaning media use independent spray needles to avoid crossover Contamination; the turntable bot-tle transport method ensures transparent visibility of the cleaning process and facilitates observa-tion.

Hot air circulation tunnel sterilization oven is a sterilization equipment developed and produced ac-cording to GMP requirements. It can completely monitor and record working data. This series of tunnel ovens can be widely used in pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, animal pharmaceutical facto-ries, cosmetics, health products and other fields. Drying and sterilizing of glass containers.

The filling and stoppering machine is the main equipment of the vial injection and freeze-drying production line. It adopts modular combination and full servo power drive system. It has the advantages of humanized transmission structure layout, stable transmission and reliable performance.

The capping machine is suitable for capping and sealing vials. It adopts a small single-knife multi-head capping mode. The capping machine is stable and has a high pass rate. It is equipped with an aluminum chip collection device and complies with GMP requirements.