Project Description

API barrel cleaning and sterilization system

The fully automatic API barrel cleaning system is mainly used for ultrasonic cleaning of API aluminum barrels and fine cleaning of the inner and outer walls (recycling of water for injection, water for injection, and compressed air cleaning). Designed and manufactured in strict accordance with FDA requirements, using advanced technologies such as centralized monitoring and intelligent interconnection, it eliminates the risk of contamination caused by manual participation in the cleaning pro-cess of API barrels, and can arbitrarily combine the manual cleaning, loading, unloading, material transfer and other processes. The automatic operation of cleaning and sterilization of raw material barrels is realized.


  • Unmanned operation: In addition to manual loading of the barrels, the entire system also completes ultrasonic cleaning, fine washing and transfer automatically. It can be connected to the automatic loading and sterilization system at will. From the cleaning of aluminum barrels to the equipment is packed, the whole process no need manual intervention
  • High output per unit time: The continuous cleaning process is adopted, which shortens the loading and unloading process. The entire process can be produced without interruption, which improves equipment utilization
  • The cleaning effect can be verified: the system monitors important cleaning parameters in the process in real time to ensure the integrity of the cleaning process and comprehensively and truth-fully records the cleaning process

Working process

working process

Technical parameters