Project Description

Automatic cutter  SN-011


SN-011 automatic cutter has 4.3″ colorful touch screen, simple operation and reliable performance. This model has automatic paper-plastic bags feeding and cutting function. Operator can set the cutting length and quantity which can save the labor. It can be widely used in the central sterile supply center, dental clinic and other medical departments.


  • 4.3″ colorful LCD touch screen,  automatic data storage
  • Automatic paper-plastic feeding and cutting
  • It can load several rolls of paper-plastic bags for one time which can improve working efficiency.
  • Cutting length: ≥50mm
  • Cutting speed: 10±0.5m/min
  • Ambient temperature: 10~40℃
  • Power supply: 220v±10% 50Hz/ 110v±10% 60Hz

Technical specification