Project Description

Automatic feeding machine for API barrels

The automatic loading device for API is used to automatically transfer the API in the aluminum barrel to the powder mixer in a sterile environment, to realize the picking and placing of the aluminum cover, the docking of the pneumatic butterfly valve with the aluminum barrel, the reversal of the aluminum barrel, the oscillator to vibrate the material and The automation of the empty barrel output process makes the entire process transparent and visible, without the need for manual operation. Compared with traditional manual loading, the device operates stably, low pollution risk and high work efficiency.


  • Full-process Class A laminar flow protection: The entire system is in a Class A laminar flow environment, and is equipped with an entry and exit bucket buffer zone, automatic isolation door and operating gloves to achieve automatic feeding and aseptic operation
  • No manual intervention: The entire system only requires manual loading of the barrel and opening the outer cover, and all other processes are completed automatically to avoid pollution to the Class A environment
  • Pneumatic butterfly valve compression locking: After the butterfly valve is docked, the cylinder compression method is used to avoid the generation of metal chips by rotating the metal locking ring and reduce the risk of material contamination
  • Oscillation-assisted discharging: The barrel mouth is equipped with an oscillator to assist discharging and avoid powder residues

Working process

working process

Technical parameters