Project Description

BD bag


Bowie & Dick Test Pack is single-use device that consist of a lead-free chemical indicator, BD test sheet, placed between porous sheets of paper, wrapped with crepe paper, with a steam indicator label on the top pf the package. It is used to test the air removal and steam penetration performance in pulse vacuum steam sterilizer. When air is discharged completely, the temperature reaches to 132℃ to 134℃, and keep it for 3.5 to 4.0 minutes, the color of the B-D picture in the pack will change from pale yellow to homogeneous puce or black. If there is air mass existing in the pack, the temperature cannot reach to the above requirement or the sterilizer has leakage, the thermo-sensitive dye will keep primary pale yellow or its color changes un-evenly.

Operation Instruction:

When you use it, the test pack can be placed directly at the chamber exhausting port of the sterilizer, close the door, and make steriization test of 134℃ for 3.5minutes, after that, open the door, unfold the test pack and take out the test chart and observe the test result. Result judge: Qualified: the color of the picture on test chart changes from primary pale yellow to even puce or black and the colors in the center and on the edge are the same, the B-D test is qualified, it means that the air is discharged thoroughly, the sterilizer works well and there is no leakage, it can be used normally. Unqualified: the color of the picture on test pattern does not change or discolors halfway, usually the color in the center is lighter than the color on the edge, the B-D test is not qualified, it means that the air is discharged un-thoroughly or there is leakage, there is something fault in the sterilizer, it must be examined and repaired, and then can be used.


Quantity: 30pieces/box

Validity: 24months