Project Description

Chmical indicating tapes


There is chemical indicator agent printed on the surface of adhesive tape. Under the wet-heat effort of saturated steam, when it reaches the set time and the sterilizing condition of saturated steam above 115℃, the chemical change will happen accompanied with the color change. The shade of color is closely related to the humidity, temperature and the continued time of the steam. On the basis of color effect of the indicator agent, confirm whether the indicated items have been through corresponding heating and time process. But this product cannot be used to indicate the effect of sterilization.

Application Range:

This product is suitable for the department of health and epidemic prevention institutes, it is used to indicate whether articles have been through the sterilization process of 115℃,30min; 121℃,20min; 132℃,3min.

Operation Instruction:

Cut a certain length of indicating tape and stick it on the surface of package ready for sterilization, then do conventional sterilization. After sterilization, take out the package and observe the indicator agent change on the surface of the tape. If the agent color turns into black, it means that the package has been sterilized; if the color does not change, it means that the package has not been sterilized.


Quantity: 30 rolls/box

Validity: 24months Specification: 19mmx50m

G/W: 5Kg

Volume: 420mm x 282mm x 128mm