Project Description

Dry Heat Sterilizer

The dry heat air flows into chamber by the high temperature resistant HEPA and forms uniform air flow under the help of circulation fan. The dry air flows in a directional circulation, removes moisture on the surface of articles and then comes out of chamber. With the gradual decrease of water vapor and intermittent fresh entering, the chamber presents positive pressure state. After sterilization stage is ended, fresh air (or cooling water) entering valve is open for cooling. When temperature drops to the set value, automatic valves close, sound and light alarm will indicate to open the door.


  • Three-dimensional software is adopted for design and assembly.
  • The design temperature is 300°C, both front and back door can be bio-sealed.
  • Unique ventilation plate and bottom air duct design make the temperature distribution more uniform.
  • Frequency converter is used to control fan which can maintain a slight positive pressure in chamber and guarantee the wind speed in chamber reaches the standard.


  • Glass bottle(empty)
  • API barrels
  • Equipment parts
  • Vials(empty)
  • Metal containers