Project Description

Filling with nitrogen and stoppering machine

The single-head filling nitrogen and stoppering machine is a filling nitrogen and stoppering equipment developed for laboratories and pilot workshops based on the needs of fat emulsion and amino acid drugs. This equipment can complete adding nitrogen before or after filling. After the stoppering is completed, the oxygen content is ≤0.3%, which fully meets the low residual oxygen requirements of lipid emulsion, amino acids and other drugs.

The operation is simple and can be adapted to different bottle types by adjusting the mold. And no need to change the mold.


  • Small size, meeting the needs of smaller laboratory space
  • Bottle type switching is convenient, and the needs of different bottle types can be achieved by replacing some molds
  • Full servo control, stable and reliable operation, parameters can be adjusted through the touch screen
  • The work stations are individually controlled. The filling and stoppering stations have stand-alone or compact functions

Working process

working process

Technical parameters