Project Description

Hinged door steam sterilizer


Our hinged door steam sterilizer is mainly used in operating room, central sterile supply department, third-party sterilization supply center and etc. to complete sterilization for surgical instruments, fabrics, rubber, bowls, implantable devices and others that can bear high temperature sterilization.


1,Hinged door, with safety interlock function .

2,  Superb chamber machining and welding process, the chamber and jacket are welded by robot which guarantee the quality.

3, The material of chamber, jacket, doors, steam generator, pipes, loading cart and transfer trolley are made of 304 stainless steel. 316L stainless steel can also be made.

4,  Durable circular hollow silicon gasket, sealed by compressed air.

5, Touch screen, Siemens PLC, SMC pressure controller, imported brand vacuum pump and pneumatic valves guarantee the sterilizer quality.

Advanced welding technology

                                                                                                          Advanced spare parts

Technical specification: