Project Description



Our medical incinerator is researched and developed basing on the full characteristic analysis of same kind of products on the international market. It not only can be used in hospitals for incinerating solid waste, such as surgical waste, substance with virus and etc, but also can be used in the farm, epidemic prevention department, industrial flammable waste residue, airport, railway, hotel, park and central waste incineration treatment in the city.


1, Complete incineration 

The burning chamber has effective structure for some flow, so the fire flow direction is stable, the burning is powerful and waste can be incinerated completely. The volume of waste decreases about 95% after the incineration.

2, It can eliminate secondary pollution and adopts secondary burning to burn the harmful gases again which was generated by first burning in the secondary combustion chamber. The gas purification device is optional.

3, Low incineration cost

The burning chamber has drying function. The waste will be dried firstly in the burning chamber, then is burned in the incineration area. 

4, Easy operation

The burning machine is imported. Electron-firing device and photoelectrial inspection.

Technical Specification