Project Description

Laboratory filling, stoppering and capping machine

The laboratory filling, stoppering and capping machine is an integrated filling, plugging and capping machine for laboratories and pilot workshops. This equipment can complete a series of processes of vials from unpacking, filling, stoppering, and capping. The overall structure is simple and reliable, and it is easy to operate. It can be adapted to different bottle types through the adjustment of the mold.


  • Small size: meets the needs of smaller laboratory space
  • Quick switching of bottle types: compatible with different bottle types
  • Full servo control: The transmission system adopts servo positioning, which ensures stable and reliable operation. The parameters can be adjusted through the touch screen
  • Intelligent control: It can stop the machine without caps, plugs or bottles, stop filling without bottles, plug or cap, and automatically reject without caps or plugs
  • Individual control of work stations: filling, stoppering and capping stations have stand-alone and linkage functions
  • It can realize nitrogen filling before and after filling the medicine

Working process

Working process

Technical parameters