Project Description

Manual door steam sterilizer


Our hinged door steam sterilizer is mainly used in lab, operating room, central sterile supply department, third-party sterilization supply center and etc. to complete sterilization for surgical instruments, fabrics, rubber, bowls, implantable devices and others that can bear high temperature sterilization.


1, It has the program of fabric, instrument, rubber, liquid, cavity, testing and auxiliary programs  of BD, PCD and leakage.

2, Temperature, pressure, time, running stage, alarm will be displayed on the screen.

3, Build-in efficient steam generator, microcomputers temperature control.

4, Equipped with printer to print temperature, pressure, time, alarm and other parameters.

Technical parameters:

Chamber design pressure: -0.1~0.3MPa

Steam generator design pressure: 0.8MPa

Design temperature: 150℃

Max design temperature: 139℃

Max working pressure: 0.25MPa

Chamber hydraulic test pressure: 0.4MPa

Accuracy of temperature display: 0.1℃

Accuracy of pressure display: 1KPa

Vacuum limit: -90KPa

Technical specification