Project Description

1, Description:

Microwave sterilization is the result of microwave thermophysical disinfection which can make microwave directly interact with bacteria and kill bacteria quickly. Microwave treatment works better for solid or not completely dry waste,  as the process development of a sterilizing steam as moisture in the waste    enables heat to penetrate deeper. Guidelines for microwave treatment are applicable and may include steps such as shredding or mixing the medical waste with steam to achieve desirable results. A double benefit of shredding also reduces the volume of healthcare waste transported to landfills.

2, Principle:

Microwave heating effect: Under the action of a certain intensity microwave field, the bacteria will heat up due to the absorption of microwave energy by the polarized molecules, which will denature the protein and lose its biological activity. The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid heating and sterilization.

Microwave non-thermal effect: The high-frequency electric field also changes the structure of polarized molecules, causing the proteins and physiologically active substances in the microorganisms to mutate and lose their vitality or death. It plays a special role in sterilization that conventional physical sterilization does not have.

3, Feature:

  • Under the microwave sterilization, the cell structure and material balance are destroyed. The disinfection effect can reach 99.99%.
  • Short disinfection time, Fast speed, strong penetration, uniform temperature, save energy and no dead corners. Volume reduction up to 80% and weight reduction up to 25%. Bacterial reduction over 6 Log10.
  • The combination of microwave and steam makes the disinfection effect more effective.
  • Microwave disinfection technology doesn’t generate dioxins and malodorous gases. The microwave leak monitor detects the operating status in real-time to avoid leakage of waves.
  • Low running cost and compact on-site solution.
  • Easy installation(just a few hours), maintenance and fully automatic process.