Project Description

Medical Waste Transfer trucks

1, Description:

Our medical waste transfer trucks are used for transfer medical waste from every collection spot to the medical waste treatment center.  It is designed and manufactured according to the UNDP, WHO and international standards.

2, Features:

*It has the refrigeration unit, minimum temperature is -5 °C;

* Optional hydraulic tailgate

*  It is equipped with one UV light  on the top for disinfection.

* It has eight sprinklers on top to spray disinfectant during loading and unloading medical waste.

* It is equipped with one plastic barrel which load the disinfection liquid, two side of body is equipped with many lying rings which can fix the hospital waste

* Different capacity can be customized, 14.4m3, 23m3, 24m3……

3, International standard requirements about medical waste transport vehicle

The waste transport vehical should:

*Be roadworthy

*Have a maximum alowable loading greater than the expected payload

* Have markings in keeping with national or international laws, including the name and address of the waste carrier

*Have an international hazard sign including emergency phone number on the vehicle

* Should have a design approproate for the transport of healthcare waste

Design criteria for waste transport vehicles:

*The body of vehicle should be of a suitable size and designed to retain the load in the event of an accident

*There should be bulkhead between the driver’s caboin and the vehicle body

* There should be a suitable system for securing the load during transport.

*The internal finish of the vehicle should allow it to be steam-cleaned and internal angles should be rounded to eliminate sharp edges to permit more thorough cleaning and prevent damage to waste containers.

*A separate compartment in the vehicle should have empty plastic bags, suitable personal protective equipment, cleaning equipment, tools and disinfectant, together with special kits for dealing with liquid spills.

*vehicle for transporting healthcare waste should not be used for transporting other medical

*Vehicle should be kept locked except when loading and unloading

*Vehicle should be properly maintained and kept clean

* Refrigerated containers could be used if the storage time exceeds the recommend limits or transportation times are long.  Warm climate: 48hours during the cool season and 24hours druing the hot season

 Labeling of transport vehicles

Under UN 3291

*No specific vehicle labeling is needed if less than 333kg of infectious waste is transported although labeling is recommended

* If more than 333kg of infectious waste is transported, the vehicle must have warning plates or placards(>250mm* 250mm) located as shown below

Let’s take 25m3 as an example