Project Description

Medical heat sealer SN-100L

Technical specification

  • 7”( 152×94mm) Colourful touch screen;
  • Graphical operating interface;
  • Built-in clock and  automatic storing of parameters;
  • It can modify the printing printing content, operator, name, department and other 12 kinds of content.
  • Microcomputer temperature control, temperature deviation ±1%;
  • Working temperature 60~220℃ can be chosen;
  • Rapid temperature rise up, environment temperature ~180℃≤40s;
  • Auxiliary cooling design;
  • Designed with a floating pressure press system to meet the sealing needs of paper-plastic bags, solid bags.
  • Advanced flat heating element, it can dry-burn, high temperature resistance, long service life and high thermal efficiency;
  • Automatic energy-saving standby function, adjustable standby time, high-speed recovery of working temperature;
  • With sealing detection mode, can print pressure, speed, temperature, time and etc;
  • Sealing speed 10m/min;adopt light technology to detect sealing and printing automatically;
  • Sealing width 12mm;
  • Sealing edge distance 0~35mm adjustable; 
  • Voltage:220V 50Hz/ 110V 60HZ other voltage can be tailor-made   Max. power:500W
  • Overall dimension:560×260×220(mm)   weight:18kg
  • Sterilization date and expiry date can be adjusted automatically;
  • Built-in printer, It can modify the printing items;
  • Automatic alarm, which can realize automatic detection of working process and prompt with different alarms;
  • The width of characters can be adjusted, the printing function can also be closed;
  • The system will tell operator the width of paper-plastic bags according to the printing content, then the operator can choose the suitable paper-plastic bags.