Project Description

Automatic heat sealer SN-101A with cutting function

Technical specification

  • Control system:7”Colorful touch screen ;
  • Cutting length:≥50mm ;
  • Cutting speed:10±0.5m/min;
  • Cutting deviation:≤ 1 %;
  • Sealing speed:10±0.5 m/min ;
  • Sealing edge distance:0~35 mm adjustable;
  • Sealing width:12 mm ;
  • Sealing temperature:60~220℃;
  • Sealing pressure:85±30 N ;
  • Temperature deviation:≤ 1 % ;
  • Printing mode:pin type;
  • Voltage:220V±10%  50Hz ;
  • With automatic cutting, sealing and printing function. After set the length and quantity of bags, start the program, it will achieve  paper automatic access, automatic cutting and printing;
  • It can load multiple rolls of different width paper-platic bags, achieve multi-rolls cutting, sealing and printing at the same time to improve working efficiency;
  • The operator can also use the function of cutting, sealing and printing separately;
  • 7”( 152×94mm) Colourful touch screen;
  • Built-in clock and  automatic storing of parameters;
  • Microcomputer temperature control, temperature deviation ±1%, working temperature 60~220℃ can be adjusted;
  • Rapid temperature rise up, environment temperature ~180℃≤40s;
  • Auxiliary cooling design which can save the time switch from high temperature sealing to low temperature sealing;
  • High safety,  if the deviation between sealing temperature and working temperature exceeds 4℃,the product will stop automatically;
  • Automatic detection of working process, automatic alarm;

★Automatic energy-saving standby, standby time and temperature can be adjusted;

★ Real-time display of working pressure and speed.;

★ The ribbon cartridge can be easily replaced via right side hole.