Project Description

Steam Sterilization Creeping-type chemical indicating card


The steam sterilization creeping-type chemical indicating card is composed of metal load slide, indicating tablet, indicating strip of coloration, breathable film and reading labels. It is developed for monitoring steam sterilization process on 121℃、20min and132℃、3min and ensure an adequate control of the effectiveness of sterilization processes by monitoring all critical parameters of steam sterilization(temperature, time, steam quality). Chemical pellet melts and migrates as a dark bar along the paper wick. Migration occurs through a zone marked as ACCEPT or REJECT, thus indicating whether sterilization conditions were met or not.

Operation Instruction:

1. Open the sealed package bag, take out the creeping-type chemical indicating card and sealed the package bag once again.

2. Put the creeping-type indicating card in the middle part of the sterilization pack or bag. For hard container, it should be put in two opposite angles or in the place where is most difficult to sterilize.

3. After sterilization, take out the indicating card after sterilization and judge the result.

4. The migration occurs through zone marked as accept ,it means sterilization conditions meet requirements. If not, it means the sterilization conditions is not qualified.