Project Description

The automatic sliding door steam sterilizer


Our hinged door steam sterilizer is mainly used in operating room, central sterile supply department, third-party sterilization supply center and etc. to complete sterilization for surgical instruments, fabrics, rubber, bowls, implantable devices and others that can bear high temperature sterilization.


1,Superb chamber machining and welding process. The acid-proof stainless steel chamber and jacket are automatically welded by robot.

2,  Steam baffle plates are surrounded by silicon rubber to protect the chamber surface and avoid steam spraying on the items directly.

3, Vertical sliding door. The door is vertical sliding via motor and chains which save the labor and avoid operator touching the door. It also save the installation space.

4, Colorful touch screen on loading side, indicating lamps on the unloading side which is showing sterilization stage, time, temperature, alarm and other parameters in real time.

5, Most of pipes, valves and components are designed and installed in one side, which is more convenient for maintenance. 

6, Compact designed sealing groove, durable circular hollow silicon gasket and sealed by compressed air.

7,Reliable and durable chamber. Chamber is designed according  to professional analytical method. High-emulation software  ANSYS is used for chamber simulation. Design service life: 10 years(or 20000times sterilization cycles)

Technical specification