Project Description


1, Description:

It is mainly suitable for the cleaning, disinfection, oiling and drying equipment of hospital stomatology department, comprehensive dental clinic, dental clinic, central sterile supply department(CSSD) and operating room.

2, Features:

* All process is automatic.

* Air filter: Efficiency ≥ 99.99%, filtration accuracy ≤ 0.2 um

* Material: Chamber: high-quality 304 stainless steel plate, cleaning basket: 304 stainless steel, outer decorative cover: 304 stainless steel wire drawing plate

* Two loading shelves and it can load different surgical instruments or dental instrument

* Thermal insulation: 10mm sound-absorbing and heat-resistant cotton

* The printer can automatically print working process and record A0 value.

* The washing water tank and disinfection water tank has preheating function which can save time . The whole process can be finished in 30min.

* It has the functions of automatic fault detection, fault code display and alarm, fault sound alarm and fault record, and prompts the processing method to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

* The imported high-pressure spray pump can spray and clean the equipment at 360 degrees in all directions without dead angle.

3, Working Flow:

Washing(with detergent)-Rising-Disinfection(with oil)-Drying

* Washing: water will be injected into chamber via circulating pump and detergent will be injected via dosing pump at the same time.

* Rinsing: Clean water will be injected to wash instruments

* Disinfection: Water will be heated to 93℃ to complete heat disinfection. Lubricant will be injected into chamber to lubricate instruments at the same time.

*Drying: The fan will work to blow hot air into chamber to dry the instruments.

Small washer-disinfector: Clean180

Model Capacity Loading capacity Working time /cycle Overall size(L*W*H) Heating method Heating power
Clean180 180L 4 standard trays(480*250*70mm) 30-40min (adjustable) 710*710*1425mm Electrical heating 15KW
Time Max. Drying temperature Drying power Spraying power Water source pressure Input power Electricity
1-9999S 93℃ 3.6KW 460W 0.30MPa-0.80MPa 16KW AC380V/50Hz

Big washer-disinfector Clean 320

Effective capacity ≥320L Power 17KW
Loading capacity 8 baskets,485*285*60mm(L*W*H) Washing temperature 45℃
Overall size 685*700*1865mm(L*W*H) Disinfection temperature 80-93℃

Big washer-disinfector Clean 

Effective capacity ≥520L Power 22.5KW
Loading capacity 15 baskets,485*285*60mm(L*W*H) Washing temperature 45℃
Overall size 1340*1026*1880mm(L*W*H) Disinfection temperature 80-93℃