Project Description

Medical Waste Bin Washer

1, Introduction

The medical waste bin washer uses high-pressure water to wash, removes dirt from the bin with cleaning fluid, disinfects the bin with disinfectant, and rinses the bin with hot water. Cooperate with ultraviolet disinfection to achieve the purpose of cleaning the bin.

With automatic turning function

2, Process

(1)Bin entry stage: open the entry door manually, push the bin into the automatic turning machine, close the door and it will turn the bin to the designated position.

(2)Disinfection stage: the cleaning solution and the disinfectant solution are respectively injected through the metering pump, and the bin is cleaned and sterilized through the high-pressure water pump. There are nozzles on the side, top and bottom of the equipment to clean the bin without dead ends. At the same time, there is an ultraviolet lamp tube on the top to carry out ultraviolet disinfection on the turnover box.

(3)Cleaning stage: After the sterilization is completed, clean the bin with high-pressure water with hot water. The hot water tank is equipped with a temperature sensor. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the steam valve is opened to raise the temperature. When the set upper limit is reached, the valve is automatically closed.

(4)Unloading the bin: After cleaning, the bin is automatically turned to the exit position. Open the door and take out the turnover box.