There are several different ways to dispose bio medical waste in hospital.


1, Sanitary landfill

The sanitary landfill method is to bury the garbage in the ground and decompose it into harmless substances through the long-term decomposition of microorganisms. If the landfill system of medical waste does not have anti-seepage measures, various toxic substances, pathogens, radioactive substances, etc. will seep into the soil with rainwater, and harmful substances will enter the human body through the food chain, endangering human health.


Therefore, the sanitary landfill needs to go through scientific site selection, and use clay, high-density polyethylene and other materials to lay the anti-seepage layer. It is also necessary to set up landfill gas collection and output pipelines. Therefore, the landfill treatment method must be very cautious.


2, High temperature incineration

Incineration treatment is a chemical process of deep oxidation. Under the action of high-temperature flame, the medical waste in the incineration equipment will be converted into residue and gas through three stages of drying, ignition and incineration. The source of infection and harmful substances in medical waste Substances are effectively destroyed during incineration.


The incineration technology is suitable for various infectious medical wastes. The incinerator requires a high and stable temperature in the incinerator, good oxygen mixing conditions, sufficient gas residence time and other conditions. At the same time, the final discharge of flue gas and residues for harmless disposal.


3, High pressure steam sterilization

The principle of the pressure steam sterilization treatment method is that the medical waste is operated under high temperature and high pressure process conditions for more than 20 minutes, and the pressure steam penetrates the inside of the object, causing the protein of the microorganism to coagulate and denature and be killed.


It should be noted that when using this treatment method, the medical waste must be crushed. The crushing can be done before or after sterilization. In European and some countries, they prefer pre-shredding steam sterilizers. On the other hand, in USA and China, they prefer post-shredding steam sterilizers.


4, Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is to use the instability of organic matter in garbage to heat and distill it under the condition of anaerobic or anoxic, so that the organic matter can be pyrolyzed and condensed to form various gases, liquids and solids, from which fuel oil, Grease and gas process.


5, Microwave disinfection method

Microwave disinfection technology is a new type of medical waste treatment technology, but it is still limited to small batch and intermittent treatment of medical waste, and cannot meet the requirements of large batch and continuous treatment of medical waste.


Each method has its limitations according to different countries’ laws and regulations. But high temperature pressure steam sterilization can be sued all over the world. It’s safe and Environmental friendly.

We have 100liters, 150liters, 500liters, 1000liters, 1500liters, 2000liters and etc.

Let’s take MWT-150 as an example:

It has pre-shredding function. After medial waste is shredded into small pieces, they will drop into the sterilization chamber. Then the saturated steam will enters into the chamber and kill all the spores and germs. All process is automatic.

It has the following advantages:

1, Integrated medical waste autoclave with shredder

2, Sterilization temperature: 121~138°C

3, Sterilization pressure: 0.2-0.34Mpa

4, Microbial inactivation: 8log10(99.9999%)

5, Small footprint. With all accessories, steam generator, air compressor and water softener. Easy installation.

6, Shredding process and sterilization are completed in one sealed chamber.

7, Bio-filter guarantees the safety drainage.



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