Pure Water Equipment

Pure water equipment requirements:

Water quality meets the provisions of GMP, FDA and USP.

The equipment works automatically and contains back flush, regenetration, acid-washing and disinfection process.

Monomer and pipes meet GMP requirements. The back-end disposal equipment, such as sterilizer, membrane filtration, terminal water tank and pipeline adopt 316L stainless steel and pre-treatment pipes adopt SUS304 stainless steel.

RO system

Pure water is used in electronics,
pharmaceuticals, chemicals,
medicine, beverage and food, etc.
Reverse osmosis(RO) is a membrane separation technology that adopts pressure difference as the driveing force to impose on the permselective (semipermeable) memerane.

RO+EDI system

The EDI(Electro-de-Ionization) device belongs to precision water treatment system which is generally cooperated with RO system.

It is composed of pre-treatment, RO machine and EDI . The water inlet requirements of EDI device is that electrical resistivity is 0.025-0.5MΩ•cm. The reverse osmosis device can completely meet the demands.The EDI device can produce the ultra pure water whose resistivity can reach 15MΩ•cm.

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