1, Description:

The H2O2 plasma sterilizer using 53%-60% hydrogen peroxide liquid as a sterilizing agent, the vaporized hydrogen peroxide in a low temperature environment(50-55℃) can sterilize the items in the sterilization room at low temperature, and the hydrogen peroxide plasma formed by the electromagnetic field can effectively dissociate the residual hydrogen oxide.

The low-temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer (hereinafter referred to as the sterilizer) is automatically controlled by the PLC system program, and is composed of sterilization chamber, a rack, vacuum system, hydrogen peroxide vaporization device, plasma high-frequency power supply and a control unit.




2, Features:

*Chamber structure and material:

The chamber structure is rectangular for 135L and 220L, 80L is round chamber . The chamber material is made of high-quality aviation aluminum with a thickness of 8mm, which has excellent thermal conductivity; the thermal insulation adopts high-quality cotton-plastic sponge with 20mm thickness.


*Chamber temperature control:

It has two high-precision temperature probes with a resolution of 0.1°C, which can accurately detect and control the sterilization temperature. The working temperature in the sterilization chamber is 50-55°C and the temperature difference in the chamber is not greater than 5°C. The error of the pressure and time in the sterilization chamber should not exceed ±10%.


*H2O2 injection system

The right panel is the sterilant injection port, using explosion-proof plastic bottled hydrogen peroxide sterilant (100mL/bottle), concealed sterilant loading port, quantitative injection cup (pump) pumping module, high-quality corrosion-resistant needle Automatically pierce the sealed structure of the sterilant to extract a set amount of liquid, and automatically remind to add the sterilant.

The bottle can be recycled and customers can purchase hydrogen peroxide agent from the local market, which solves the transportation problem. And cost savings compared to cassette hydrogen peroxide. 


*Pressure monitoring

It has two pieces pressure sensor in the sterilization inner chamber which is set independently. The measuring range is 0-2700Pa, and the accuracy is 0.25%.


*Sterilization programs

It has three sterilization programs: rapid (device surface) sterilization mode (≤30min); standard (lumen) sterilization mode (≤40min) and enhanced (soft endoscope) sterilization mode (≤60min)


3, Parameters

Model Chamber size(cm) Overall size(cm) Capacity(L) Weight(KG) Power
PS-80 Φ38×71 70×90×165 80 250 AC380V/50Hz or220V/60Hz
PS-135 40×45×75 86×100×175 135 320
PS-230 40×45×130 82×170×173 230 450
Rated currency(A) Power(KVA) Working temperature(℃) Sterilization cycle(min)  
20A 5KVA ≤60℃ ≤80min