After using medical equipment, utensils, and items, users should promptly clean off any evident filth and apply moisturizing treatment as necessary. However, due to factors including location, available equipment, and expense in actual clinical practice, postoperative instruments cannot be instantly pre-cleaned. As a result, the postoperative devices found in your supply room frequently resemble the image below: In actuality, the failure to properly pretreat the equipment after surgery is the main cause of their rusting.

1. The advantages of prompt pretreatment following instrumentation:

Pretreating postoperative tools promptly and effectively is crucial because it can increase the success rate of future cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. This particular performance is: (1) The optimal time to clean an instrument after use is 15 minutes to an hour after usage. This prevents the dirt from drying up and improves the cleaning and disinfection impact. It will begin to color, exhibit corrosion, develop rust spots, and so on if it is postponed for a long time. (2) Effective pretreatment can extend the service life of instruments by preventing corrosion and rust. Blood and other filth contain a lot of chloride ions, which can easily lead to oxidative corrosion of metal instruments and reduce their service life. Corrosion causes will hasten the oxidation and corrosion of the device and reduce its useful life. (3)Improper handling of devices will result in heat sources and the production of biofilms, which may increase the number of persons in contact and the danger of infection from the environment. Additionally, after use, the surface of the device will include a variety of pathogenic bacteria.

2. Typical Pretreatment Tools

Pretreatment equipment can generally be divided into two categories: pretreatment washer-disinfector and pre-cleaning machine, depending on whether it contains a disinfection function.

2.1 Pretreatment washer-disinfectors

Products from the pretreatment washer-disinfector series are primarily used in hospital operating rooms, disinfection supply centers that require lengthy processing times, overnight processing instruments, instruments used by positive patients, or infected instruments, including surgical instruments like scissors, precision instruments, bowls, etc.   Pretreatment washer-disinfector benefits include: (1) It can be sterilized at a high temperature to prevent cross-infection from equipment that has been positively diagnosed with an infectious condition; it can have many pretreatment cleaning racks and baskets for flexible selection; (2) It is capable of processing the entire procedure, and in an emergency, can complete the pre-washing, cleaning, disinfecting, and drying steps in their entirety. It also has the ability to self-clean and self-infect. (3) Reduce the amount of physical effort required while also significantly lowering the danger of infection for operators; (4) Make subsequent cleaning easier while ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.  

2.2 Pre-cleaner

The pre-cleaning machine in the field of medical cleaning can typically be split into two categories: medical bubble cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine, depending on how it functions. 【1】Machine for ultrasonic cleaning The cleaning solution vibrates and creates tens of thousands of small bubbles as a result of the “cavitation effect” created when the ultrasonic wave travels through it. In the region of low pressure where the ultrasonic wave travels longitudinally, these bubbles begin to develop and expand, and they swiftly contract in the region of high pressure. An object’s surface may experience a succession of little “explosions” that constantly contact it, creating a momentary high pressure of more than 1000 air pressures. As a result, the surface of the object and any dirt in the gaps are quickly peeled off. The water in the cleaning tank needs to be completely degassed in order to achieve an effective ultrasonic cleaning effect. The degassing period typically lasts more than 10 minutes. Therefore, the cleaning water of the contemporary ultrasonic cleaning machine is typically recycled to ensure improved operational efficiency.   Ultrasonic cleaning benefits: (1) The cleaning effect is good, particularly when it comes to removing tough stains; (2) The price is affordable; (3) Thorough cleaning without gaps. 【2】Medical bubble cleaning apparatus The medical bubble cleaner is a cleaning tool that is mostly used for postoperative preparation of devices and is based on the pulsating vacuum cleaner and disinfector’s operating concept. Blood stains that are still present on the instrument’s surface can be readily removed. When the generating device’s bubbles rise in the water and collide with the equipment, a powerful “explosive force” is created that can clean the equipment’s surface of stains. The product also features a perfusion feature that allows it to perfuse and clean the lumen of a lumen device. The benefits of the medicinal bubble cleaner include: (1) High efficiency: The entire process of ingesting water, ingesting enzymes, cleaning, and draining only takes 10 minutes, which can satisfy clinical departments’ needs for equipment pretreatment efficiency; (2) Large capacity: The BW-60 medical bubble cleaning machine is capable of handling up to 4 DIN trays simultaneously; (3) Multiple modes: The medical bubble cleaner has two options for water circulation: one-use-one-row (6 minutes) and water circulation (6 minutes). The user can select the water consumption method based on the situation at hand.   Additionally, the medical bubble cleaner fared well in terms of operational noise control, with an average running noise of 53.2db while the door is closed.   3, After pretreatment and washing, then what? Right! You need STERILIZATION!  

3.1 Steam autoclave

Hinged door steam autoclave 


Vertical sliding door steam autoclave


Manual door steam autoclave


3.2 Low temperature autoclave

100% Ethylene oxide (EO)autoclave

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) plasma autoclave

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